Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cell Salts to the Rescue!

I've been reading more about cell salts or tissue salts developed by Schueller. Using these tissue salts is much like homeopathy, but focuses on 12 remedies that all cells need to maintain health. Kind of like look at the micro level instead of always the macro. Anyhow, the reason I've done so is because a friend suggested looking at using Kali sulph (potassium sulfate) for my son's mood issues. Immediatelly after trying it, I was sold on cell salts! We've seen nice gains along with a more even keeled mood. I'm going to order a few others to try as they all seem to work together nicely (according to the book), and I'd like to deal a bit more with some of my son's latest issues. For example, he is sensitive to any light touch on his upper body. People will come and touch him to get his attention, and they're taken aback by his reaction to hit them quite readily. It isn't his fault or their fault. He just is sensitive. Thus I'm anxious to try a few other remedies as it really seems to bring together homeopathy and modern scientific research.

I remember in biology/chemistry that we talked about the elements needed to fire a nerve or a muscle cell (sodium, potassium, etc.) and it makes sense that if the body doesn't have enough of one of these, it's going to throw the entire body off in some way. I'm just really excited to learn and try more! Here's a few links to consider:


Maya said...

I was researching on cell salts and autism and came upon your blog. I am looking for a cell salt or a combination of cell salts for my son. How do I find out which cell salt is right for him and where is the best place to buy cell salts?
Please email me at

Jen B said...

There are a few good books out there that I just found at my health food store. They are: NATURAL HEALING WITH CELL SALTS by Dr. Skye Weintrab, and THE BIOCHEMIC HANDBOOK. Also, my homeopath gave a general cell salt by Hyland's called Bio-xii which is supposed to help excretion/drainage. In general, you would use cell salts like you do homeopathy by using the remedy that best matches the symptom picture. I think it's most helpful to get a book either by ordering on amazon for a few dollars. Then, you find which one sounds most like your child. For my son, several showed promise, but I started with the one that would benefit him the most with his irritibility (his most latest & hardest to live with). Kali phos helped tremendously with that because it is a brain nutrient (potassium phosphate). Anyhow...the books really explain it in much better detail.

Thanks for your comment, and let me know if I can be any further help!

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Cell Salts Tissue Salts World said...

I have found The Biochemic Handbook to also be an excellent resource for use of the cell salts

Don West said...

This may not be what you want but Dr. Doris Rapp said to prevent Autism a mom to be should start taking 2,000mg of vitamin C each day for a full year during the preganancy to detox the mother and baby in the womb of all toxins as mercury, lead, aluminum and etc. I know a mother is only supposed to have a nine month pregnancy so I guess she meant the year during pregnancy. Here is what she said: Take 1,000mg at breakfast time and 1,000mg at lunch time and a person could take the prenatal later. She did not speculate a time for the prenatal. She said the baby would get the nurishment and detox through the tubes and blood connections to the mother. I have it in my documents and I hope this can help someone. I have many such things documented, I have a document where one doctor found that some big long word in all vaccines was 50% mercury and if given as about 5 different vaccine in one before the baby was, I believe 6 months old, it could get autism. Dr. Rapp says that by 2025 that 50% of all babies will be born with autism if they do not take steps to detox themselves and their babies, which is a scarey thought for humanity.