Thursday, March 12, 2009

Decison Making

We went and visited the autism classroom at the elementary school. Although it was set up nicely and the staff was well versed in autism, it left much to be desired. Caleb was far and aways TOOOOO high for that class. He would be the only verbal child, and the only one working on reading skills and math. They suggested we look at the classroom for 3-5th grade autistic children. We went to that school and saw a much better fit for Caleb. It was set up more like a classroom and the children were working on actual educational reading and math. Because I'm still concerned about socialization, Caleb losing connection with the great class he has at our home school, and then our home school not being prepared for him to return in a year or 2....we are contemplating a dual enrollment. Caleb would be enroled at the autism school 3 days a week, and our home regular ed class 2 days a week with it written in his IEP that upon successful achievement of listed behaviors he will return gradually to his home school (regular ed). Hopefully by then the staff will have had some help in setting up his education to best suit him...not the teachers. That's really the problem. If they'd just look beyond the behaviors to focus on his education and how best to teach him...we'd have none of this crap. Instead, they all want to make it easier on themselves and get him out of the school. I'll have none of it! I'm not "dumbing him down" and taking away his best asset--that of incredible intelligence--so he can go be part of an autistic classroom where he's not pushed nor expected to succeed. This is a child who's on the verge of normalcy, but still struggles with erratic behavior at times. I would just love to see these teachers go observe some autism classrooms to see just how far Caleb has come! Sigh.....I may end up homeschooling yet! Let's face one will see the good in my son like I will. I just don't want to do Caleb a disservice, so I continue to fight.