Sunday, April 20, 2008

We figured out the Screaming!'s taken a month or so, but we've finally figured out the screaming! Hooray! Come to find out...any yeast fighter is just plain causing Caleb to scream. Prescription or natural...doesn't matter. It all causes screaming. Not sure why, but when I took them all away, life got much easier :) We still see yeast on occasion (marked by silly laughing for no reason, or waving his hands in front of his eyes), and we're still trying to figure out what to do for that...but Caleb's mood has improved TREMENDOUSLY and the yeast clues don't last for long. He's once again getting good reports at school, and he is more fun to be around.

There's still lots to keep working on, such as speech, and social conversation/appropriate behavior. However, I'm really going to try to focus on homeopathy and also a bit of Amy Yasko's approach ( as adding in the ammonia RNA at 1 drop twice daily has really helped. I'm wondering if his "yeasty behavior" isn't just a cause of high ammonia or some other gut issue that throws off his yeast/bacteria balance in his intestines. It certainly isn't being helped by yeast meds! Keep in mind (for those who are thinking it might just be die-off), that Caleb's been on different things for yeast for months and years! I truly don't see die-off any more. Also, his BMs are normal, and food is much less of an issue now. I've explored so many things for yeast, that I'm really hoping to find the cause, not just the symptom of how his gut gets so unbalanced.

Anyhow....yay for now :)