Friday, June 26, 2009

SUMMER'S HERE! Off Camping with the Boys!

He just can't seem to let go of that hat and I've had to hide the sunglasses ***

Caleb just left for a weekend filled with testosterone! He went camping with Daddy, brothers, and lots of male friends/neighbors. Their yearly male bonding :) I sent Caleb with a bag full of supplements and some instructions just in case too much wheat or too little sleep affects his mood or behavior. Hopefully Daddy will nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand! Vitamin B12 (methyl version of course) has been helping the moodies lately, so I was sure to send the chewable kind. I also sent lots of gf/cf foods like bread, donuts, fruit, and cookies so that he can have some safe, yummy foods and just be a kid free to delve into the fun. He'll have lots of playmates with all the neighbor boys there, so I pray that someone takes him under their wing.

Praying that he has a fun time and that all there will take him for who he is, and not expect perfection out of him :) I know that I'm enjoying the time by myself with just the youngest twins as company. After all...they still take a nice nap :)