Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still Screaming.....grrr!

Caleb has still been screaming about anything and everything :( I can say, "It's time for dinner", and he MUST emit a high pitched shriek just because. It can really grate on the nerves when you spend any amount of time with him. Our DAN doctor thinks it's probably yeast, and I'm not so sure. We're going the homeopathy route while adding in some yeast med (diflucan) to see if one of these will help. It's not a willful behavior, just a bit compulsive; like he just HAS to get it out. I've tried imitating his scream back at him, and he smiles or laughs because he knows it's annoying....but it doesn't stop him from screaming again.....sigh.... Oh, the joys of autism :)