Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cell Salts to the Rescue!

I've been reading more about cell salts or tissue salts developed by Schueller. Using these tissue salts is much like homeopathy, but focuses on 12 remedies that all cells need to maintain health. Kind of like look at the micro level instead of always the macro. Anyhow, the reason I've done so is because a friend suggested looking at using Kali sulph (potassium sulfate) for my son's mood issues. Immediatelly after trying it, I was sold on cell salts! We've seen nice gains along with a more even keeled mood. I'm going to order a few others to try as they all seem to work together nicely (according to the book), and I'd like to deal a bit more with some of my son's latest issues. For example, he is sensitive to any light touch on his upper body. People will come and touch him to get his attention, and they're taken aback by his reaction to hit them quite readily. It isn't his fault or their fault. He just is sensitive. Thus I'm anxious to try a few other remedies as it really seems to bring together homeopathy and modern scientific research.

I remember in biology/chemistry that we talked about the elements needed to fire a nerve or a muscle cell (sodium, potassium, etc.) and it makes sense that if the body doesn't have enough of one of these, it's going to throw the entire body off in some way. I'm just really excited to learn and try more! Here's a few links to consider:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Response to Michael Savage's Remarks

To view his horribly insensitive remarks about parents of autistic children, read here:,2933,387662,00.html

Here's my reaction:

What I don't understand, is how Savage explains the fact that my son doesn't talk. He began to talk, then lost it all, then kept learning the same words every day. How is it that my other 4 children miraculously talk? Could my parenting be the cause of this as well? So he's saying the boy in the back of the room spinning, not clued in to the party going on around him, yet who notices the noise of a jet outside & screams at it, is just doing so because I haven't spanked him enough or told him to cut it out? This all occurs because I don't know how to parent? with my Registered nurse license and my elementary school teacher husband?

How about the whole noodles showing up in my son's stool, or the way he went bezerk after eating 3 grilled cheese sandwiches, or how he could never sit through me reading a book to him? Are these due to my parenting as well? Apparently, Mike Savage has no close ties to a family member with autism, or he would see the tears that come to a family's eyes as they watch their child learn to peddle a bike, even though he's several years beyond the normal age for training wheels. He would see our heart's breaking as we consider the future for a child that is lucky to be able to manage any type of schooling. My heart cries at the lack of compassion! I truly invite Mr. Savage into my home, to witness first hand what it is like with autism, to read my journal and watch our home videos; to pore over test results & see how my son has over 3 times the immunity from the MMR, how his yeast numbers are out of control, and how many metals we pull out of him. I invite him to ask my other children questions about autism, to witness how my son reacts in public, or to watch him at school. Please come tell me that I can parent in a different way, and all of this will be over! I would LOVE that to be true!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HBOT for Autism

HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) is one treatment we have not yet done and are still debating about it. Even if we had the money.....(we don't), it can be risky. Since we have seizure potential in our family (a close family member has been on medicine for seizures for years), I don't want to possibly lower Caleb's threshhold with HBOT thus potentially making seizures more likely. Since Caleb's never had seizures, I don't want to start now or ever! Most people say hbot is helpful in treating seizures, but there are those who claim it has caused them to begin which is why it just isn't on our agenda yet. I have heard MANY success stories, however, which makes it sound great. You be the judge, and feel free to let me know if it worked for you or not. Caleb's doctor had recommended HBOT before our summer started, so I had done some research on it. Here's what I found and feel free to do more research in your state. Michigan has only a few places where we could go that are over 3 hours away, or we could rent one for about $1,500 a month or buy one for $12,000+. HBOT usually requires a commitment of "40 dives" or sessions in an hbot machine. Also, there are 2 types of hbot, but most success I've heard about in autism comes with the mild type or lower pressure.
  • Here is the science behind hbot:
The rationale behind using hyperbaric for Autism is that the treatments increase cerebral blood flow and thus oxygen is delivered to areas of the brain, which are thought to be oxygen deficient. Greater amounts of blood and oxygen begin to stimulate cerebral tissues and aid in recovery of idling neurons. HBOT also reduces excess fluids and swelling of brain tissues which aid in neurological function and a less confused state in Autistics. Hyperbaric is also used as a complementary therapy for the treatment of heavy metal detox for such materials as mercury. Hyperbaric assists in the metabolism of heavy metal removal. It can help a patient counteract the effects of heavy metal poisoning and helps body deal with toxins even as noxious as cyanide. It is often used in conjunction with chelation and other detox procedures to help support the body to deal with the impact commonly seen in the removal of heavy metals, mercury, toxins, and other contaminants. (all courtesy of
  • Here's some info showing both the good and bad of hbot:
links: The Pressure Point; International Hyperbaric Association Newsletter; article on Autism 0Newsletter.pdf More on Autism (negatives of hbot)
  • HBOT links including renting/buying/and in MIchigan:
  • Possible alternatives to HBOT (including perfusion supplements)
supplements: vinpocetine; a-l-carnitine; huperzine; gingko, Oxydrene, nutritional oxygen products

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to Find a Homeopath that is Knowlegeable in Autism (and other areas as well)

Lately, a lot of attention has been coming back to homeopathy for autism. I've been asked a few times about my experience and recommendations for homeopathy & a good homeopath. Here's my thoughts on that. (Hopefully this will make it to my website eventually).

  • My experience with homeopathy and autism:

Pretty much all of my son's initial speech came about with homeopathy. I also credit his normalizing of bowel movements and food absorption to homeopathy. All with one remedy actually! It happened about 2 years ago over the course of about 5 months. Caleb was prescribed lycopodium 6c 3 times daily by a homeopath that we consult with (from England) over the phone/internet. It was based on Caleb's constitution (or his symptoms, personality, responses to food, stimuli, etc., temperment, etc). Anyhow, lycopodium did wonderful things! I would actually know it was time for his next dose when he suddenly got quiet again. After dosing, he would again regain his chattering and new speech. When the remedy began to aggrevate more then help several months later, we tried a few things, then eventually moved on to other remedies, but low and behold the changes in bowel and speech stuck! Since then he's slowly added to his speech and we've tried to again regain that amazing growth, but the growth has been slow and steady with needing to change tactics and remedies every 6 months or so. However, I am completely sold on homeopathy now! If only I could get my friends and family to be so enlightened :)

We've thus far had success with the bowel nosode Morgan Gaertner (because it complements lycopodium), carcinosin, pulsatilla, thuja (one of the first remedies I tried on my own due to it's reputation for healing after vaccines), and also sequential homeopathy to clear vaccines & address miasms through the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst (Rudi Verspoor).

  • Homeopathic Help:
Here are my recommendations if you're looking to try homeopathy:
  • First, do some research on what homeopathy is, how dosing works, what types of remedies there are, and find some success stories on using it.
  • Second, try to find a homeopath in your area. Here are the most common links to do so, but be sure to check your yellow pages or talk to people living near you.
  • Third, if you're unsuccessful, try some of these well known homeopaths for autism: (Hahnemann Center of Homeopathy) sequential (Houston Center of Homeopathy) sequential (Deborah Olenev) classical (Dr. Luc De Schepper) classical or (these are both contacts for my homeopath from England--Simon King)

  • Other homeopathy resources: (one of my favorite resources) (amy lansky's story) (educational resources)

July 4th Fireworks

We had a great 4th of July! Caleb had a few mood issues due to late nights, but overall it was a fun time. Our own fireworks were on the 4th, and city fireworks on the 5th.

We've been having great success with a few mood rna products by Amy Yasko. Her products are VERY pricey, but so far they've been WONDERFUL for mood. We're using Nerve Calm and Mood focus. Her websites are : (her discussion group), and / (her products & program). I've read that they are homeopathic products, but not sure if that's true. They are helping mood though! So far so good :)