Saturday, July 26, 2008

Response to Michael Savage's Remarks

To view his horribly insensitive remarks about parents of autistic children, read here:,2933,387662,00.html

Here's my reaction:

What I don't understand, is how Savage explains the fact that my son doesn't talk. He began to talk, then lost it all, then kept learning the same words every day. How is it that my other 4 children miraculously talk? Could my parenting be the cause of this as well? So he's saying the boy in the back of the room spinning, not clued in to the party going on around him, yet who notices the noise of a jet outside & screams at it, is just doing so because I haven't spanked him enough or told him to cut it out? This all occurs because I don't know how to parent? with my Registered nurse license and my elementary school teacher husband?

How about the whole noodles showing up in my son's stool, or the way he went bezerk after eating 3 grilled cheese sandwiches, or how he could never sit through me reading a book to him? Are these due to my parenting as well? Apparently, Mike Savage has no close ties to a family member with autism, or he would see the tears that come to a family's eyes as they watch their child learn to peddle a bike, even though he's several years beyond the normal age for training wheels. He would see our heart's breaking as we consider the future for a child that is lucky to be able to manage any type of schooling. My heart cries at the lack of compassion! I truly invite Mr. Savage into my home, to witness first hand what it is like with autism, to read my journal and watch our home videos; to pore over test results & see how my son has over 3 times the immunity from the MMR, how his yeast numbers are out of control, and how many metals we pull out of him. I invite him to ask my other children questions about autism, to witness how my son reacts in public, or to watch him at school. Please come tell me that I can parent in a different way, and all of this will be over! I would LOVE that to be true!


Maddy said...

Not only that but his refusal to apologize after the fact.
Best wishes

Jen B said...

I honestly don't think an apology would be sincere anyway. The damage is done, and a perception is now becoming more mainstream than reality. If he could just live it for a few days, heck even a few hours, he'd know better!

Rebekah said...

Wow! You just made me cry with your comments. I used to like Savage, now I will never listen to him again! You are an awesome parent and your kids are more than lucky to have you :) Love you.

Jen B said...

Thanks for the loving comments Reba. Savage definitely raked people over the coals that could use encouragement, not condemnation. Did you see last night's speech by Sarah Palin? She had her Down's baby there & spoke about helping out families of Special Needs children. Brought tears to my eyes! Finally an advocate!