Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Progress

Things are still going great here with Caleb! So much so, that we're actually again integrating more class and less one on one aide. He's moving up in the world! He has a "best" friend, Ashtin, and is VERY well liked by his classmates. He actually tells me, "Goodbye Mom" when he sees me at school because he wants his "own" place to shine. Mood can still be an issue firt thing in the morning, but what I'm finding out now is that it usually resides by the time school starts. Often his worst "morning mood days" are his best school days :) Caleb is still on no meds and very few supplements. Occasionally (once or twice a week) I give an oral mb12 for mood & speech, culturelle for yeast (once or twice weekly), EFAs (omega 3,6,9), and occasionally vitamin A/C if coming down with a cold. Otherwise we usually go the homeopathy route. Homeopathy is so much gentler, easier to give, and more effective. Here's a few Christmas/winter holiday pics.