Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Vacation AT LAST!!

Well this summer has thus far been a great relaxation time for Caleb. He's in much better spirits just from relaxing! We also have implemented selenium (the methionine kind) and valerian root sprinkles (since it doesn't make Caleb tired), and both have been helping with mood. We're also S--L--O--W--L--Y adding in some yeast support. He's responding well to this as long as we also give OLE for bacteria when we give yeast stuff (and vice versa). However, all in all it's starting to look like another good summer with lots of good improvements. If only we could get it to stop raining.....! (**Caleb's the one squinting in the background **)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scripting.....Oh how tiresome Buzz Lightyear gets!!

These past few days have been nothing but "Buzz Lightyear". My son has been carrying around every Toy Story toy that we have. He frequently says a line that Sid says in the move...."whatever she says, it's not true! Hannah....Hannah..." Believe me, it gets ANNOYING! Now after a search on many yahoo groups, I'm trying folic acid, bacteria fighters, and of course yeast fighters (my last resort since Caleb's yeast has been such an issue).

The folic acid (combined with GABA so to not have to much excitotoxin and/or histamine release) at 800 mcg seemed to do something. The scripting is still there, but Caleb's not thinking only about Toy Story & nothing else. I shall keep you all posted as to what I discover :) Tomorrow I will up the folic dose and possibly add in OLE and a probiotic culturelle to attack some of the bacteria.

If anyone out in cyberland has a suggestion on what to do about scripting or obsessiveness....let me know!