Sunday, April 20, 2008

We figured out the Screaming!'s taken a month or so, but we've finally figured out the screaming! Hooray! Come to find out...any yeast fighter is just plain causing Caleb to scream. Prescription or natural...doesn't matter. It all causes screaming. Not sure why, but when I took them all away, life got much easier :) We still see yeast on occasion (marked by silly laughing for no reason, or waving his hands in front of his eyes), and we're still trying to figure out what to do for that...but Caleb's mood has improved TREMENDOUSLY and the yeast clues don't last for long. He's once again getting good reports at school, and he is more fun to be around.

There's still lots to keep working on, such as speech, and social conversation/appropriate behavior. However, I'm really going to try to focus on homeopathy and also a bit of Amy Yasko's approach ( as adding in the ammonia RNA at 1 drop twice daily has really helped. I'm wondering if his "yeasty behavior" isn't just a cause of high ammonia or some other gut issue that throws off his yeast/bacteria balance in his intestines. It certainly isn't being helped by yeast meds! Keep in mind (for those who are thinking it might just be die-off), that Caleb's been on different things for yeast for months and years! I truly don't see die-off any more. Also, his BMs are normal, and food is much less of an issue now. I've explored so many things for yeast, that I'm really hoping to find the cause, not just the symptom of how his gut gets so unbalanced.

Anyhow....yay for now :)


David & Billie Hallman said...

Hi Jen,

I don't know if you've told me about this before, but I just heard about it again and remember it is a yeast fighter, too, so thought I'd mention it, as it's not a drug. It's GOOT. Garlic Oil Ointment Treatment. You warm 3 tbsp coconut oil over the stove. When melted, add 3 tbsp olive oil and remove from heat. Then 3 tbsp minced garlic (this will be about 9 large cloves if you use a garlic press). Then blend in blender or coffee grinder. Directions say to filter through strainer, but my strainer is too small and with pressing the garlic and the blender, didn't find I needed it. Then put in a small wide-mouthed jar (those platinum topped ones work well) and in the fridge. After about an hour you have a paste. You can rub this on his feet morning & night and the garlic oil is supposed to go straight to the bloodstream and help w/yeast, infections, etc. I made my first batch last night and if nothing else, will not get any mosquito bites on my feet! :) Tried a make-shift neti pot for my sinuses this morning and think that making my own home remedies could become addictive for me! Anyhow, glad the screaming is over and miss chatting with ya!


Jen B said...

I've heard a lot about "detoxing" through the feet. I definitely know that my own internal temperature seems to be regulated through my feet. If I'm cold, the first thing I need is socks and if I'm hot I need them off in a hurry! The only bad thing about the garlic would be the smell :( I'm still up in the air on yeast. Caleb's doc thinks he has it something fierce, and I say he doesn't. I guess time will tell.

I know what you mean....home remedies are definitely addicting!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen!! I love your Blog - I just found it while doing a google search for a screaming 3 year old - and I spent the last hour reading everything your wrote!!

When you took your son off of the yeast fighter and the screaming stopped - did that stick? My 3 year old son is screaming and screaching all the time and it is driving us nuts!

He has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, sensory seeking disorder, CAPD and speech delay, his spt also suspects apraxia. We have sought out several docs and therapists b/c I suspect PDD NOS and all will not give an autism diagnosis b/c speech is only the biggest challenge, social skills are very good and he is extremely loving. He had lots of ear infections for a year, until tubes but has always hit his milestones but speech. We finally met with a DAN! doctor who is treating our son with the DAN! protocal. He also did not think our son was on the spectrum, but he felt things were not neuro typical - what? That was confusing, so wouldn't he be on the spectrum then? Regardless - I wanted help and now we are on a million and one things in addition to the GFCFYF diet. But diflucan - yeast fighter is one of them. I am thinking I should take him off for a bit to see if the screaming and screeching stops?

Would love to know how your son is doing with the screaming and with or without the yeast fighter!

Thanks so much!! Jill in Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
My 10 year old son has recently started a high pitched scream which at best time is irritating!! Forgive my ignorance, am I right in assuming that taking him off 'yeast-aid' which among other biomedical products, he has been on for a year and a half now? My son takes 2 capsules a day of Kirkman Yeast Aid a day. Your views will be much appreciated.
Pradeep, West Sussex, UK

Jen B said...

I don't know if that is the cause of your son's screaming, but it might help to take him off things one at a time to see which is making him worse. If you suspect the yeast aid, remove it & see what happens for a few days. If nothing different, it could be something else (another supplement?) that's causing the screaming. We had to remove everything before it dawned on me that it had to be the yeast med. I thought for sure it couldn't be that because it had done so much good at one time. However, it is a good thing because his body was saying "it had enough" and could fight things better by itself (with yeast anyway). It could also mean your child doesn't tolerate one of the ingredients in the yeast aid. He may still need something for yeast, but isn't tolerating one of the herbs perhaps.

Pradeep said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for your prompt response. Will try out your suggested approach.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am wondering a few things. My son is 9 and just started screaming for 10 days now...all hours of the day! He has been on an antibiotic and thinking this is killing his good yeast.. My Q is do I need too simply stop it? Or do I need too give him anything like culturel "good yeast"? He is done w the antibiotic as of 2day...wondering what too do..thanks so much! Awesome people like u blog and help others!

Jen B said...

It could likely be the antibiotic. Was he screaming before you began this round of antibiotics? Since you're done with it today, just let things be for a day or two, to see if things calm back down. If the screaming continues, try a natural yeast fighter (because killing off all bacteria likely fills the gap with yeast). Some examples of yeast fighters are: grapefruit seed extract or oil of oregano. Culturelle is actually a product that kills off bacteria, not yeast. Keep in mind, that when you kill of yeast, then bacteria outgrow....and when you kill off bacteria, then yeast outgrow. Try giving both at the same time, and never too much of one without the other. So, after resting for 2 days or so to see if things improve, then you can begin giving a dose of both a yeast fighter and a bacteria fighter (culturelle and olive leaf are examples) at the same time, twice daily for a few weeks. See if that improves anything. Does that make sense? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Respectfully,surely screaming is part and parcel of Autism? Is there any scientific basis for this-yeast?
How can this be quantified?
I had sincerely hoped to find an answer here for my nephews screaming.

Jen B said...

Most of us doing biomedical treatment for autism recognize that though autism is characteristic of a group of symptoms (by definition of autism), that these symptoms are do to something going on within the body itself and can be changed with the right conclusion of causation. There is a TON of research on autism and biomedical treatment, as well as on yeast overgrowth in autism. All you need do is google these terms. The DAN protocol (biomedical protocol) is another thing to google. Best of luck!

lee woo said...

Silence speaks so much louder than screaming tantrums. Never give anyone an excuse to say that you're crazy. See the link below for more info.


Leslie Lim said...

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