Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Safe TOY links

Trying to think of a great birthday gift for Caleb as his 6th b-day is coming quickly...Feb. 26th. I want it to be educational, fun, and SAFE! Here's some lead-safe toys sites that I've found:


A few sites also contain American Made toys. I'm thinking of getting something different to build and construct with since Caleb loves to build houses, and is VERY good at it. We say that someday he's going to be an architect! If anyone has any additional websites to add to this list....let me know :)


Billie said...

Hey, Jen, what about giving him some scrap lumber and real tools and nails and screws? Of course, this would be better kept until warmer weather, but he can start learning! Maybe each birthday, you can add to his tool set, as a man can never have too many! Just a thought. ~Susie

Jen B said...

It doesn't sound like a bad idea :) I'm not sure he's ready for a hammer though....who knows what that will end up pounding!

He's SO hard to buy for because he either loves a gift or totally ignores it. He loves to build things and has every type of block & other building sets under the sun. I was considering adding to some of these sets, like finding a Spongebob lego set or something. We'll see....I'm still searching :)