Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flu Season Hits!

Well, we just made it through this year's flu. Glad to feel alive again! I have to tell you that I discovered the most amazing thing about homeopathy through this flu! Nothing was touching the body aches, headache, queasy feeling.....not motrin, not icyhot, nothing. That is until I happened to remember that I bought this homeopathic remedy on clearance last time I went grocery shopping. It said it was safe and effective to either prevent the flu or fight the flu. Thus, I decided to put it to the test, and hope for the best. I read the ingredients and was pleasantly surprised that it was just the influenzinum nosode. Anyhow.....I took it, and gave it to Caleb and my other young son who all felt rotten. Lo and behold, within a 1/2 hour, we all were up and around. Caleb was no longer so flushed, and he was up playing and talking! I gave us another dose a few hours later, and we again continued to feel better. Every few hours and another dose of the remedy, and a day later we're all feeling normal! Hooray :) Caleb went to school and I'm eating again & doing the things I normally do. I feel like myself once again! Again, in case you've all forgotten.....I LOVE homeopathy!

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