Thursday, October 28, 2010

Revisiting LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone)

We've been dealing with a never-ending cough since about the end of August. Poor Caleb started with a croupy cough in August, then it morphed to a cough with lots of phlegm (which got passed to the rest of us). As the weather stays warm with lots of moisture, the cough just wouldn't go away. Now, after a few months of this I've decided it's time to revisit LDN.

For those that don't know, LDN comes in a cream that we rub on Caleb at night. It is an immune system booster, and Caleb surely is needing that right now. I've noticed that he's begun again to get a bit giddy after eating wheat of any kind. Thus...LDN will become part of our routine through the winter months, or until Caleb shows signs that it is bothering more than helping. When we first tried LDN a few years ago, Caleb benefitted greatly from it. It first cleared up all food reactions, which are a part of a weak immune system. And then, it just kept him from getting every new illness that came along. I thought it also helped him maintain his mood and speech. The only reason I had stopped it before was because it began to cause mood issues after a time. (Which mood is always Caleb's first reaction when something no longer helps). We took it away, and things improved once again for many months. Now, here we are back on this end and adding it back in. I'm just so glad that we know and have access to a program of success for my son!

**The picture is of Caleb (in the blue coat) this week at the pumpkin farm. The bunnies were everyone's favorite! Especially since it was raining out, and the bunnies were in a shed!


Karen said...

I am considering LDN for my grandson can you tell me how Calib is doing?

Jen B said...

Sure, he is doing very well! He is now in the special ed room of the regular gen. ed. school. LDN is such an easy, painless treatment that really has helped a lot! Even my mother and neighbor are on it for their immune issues. LDN helped Caleb tolerate more foods, and helped him not catch everything that comes around. He is still on it, and I will likely be keeping him on it for a time yet. It is simply a cream which is rubbed on at night. The only side effect I've ever noticed is that occasionally it will require extra magnesium (which I remember was noted in the research I read before putting Caleb on it). This will be evidence by night waking a bit, or for my son I see that he looks a bit tired or acts a bit grouchy. If I see this, I give him some magnesium for a few days and it subsides. I would say it's definitely worth a try as the side effects are nearly non-existant and the benefits are great! Let me know what you decide!

tanya said...

My DAN! Is suggesting this for my son. He is 5 with Aspergers and we have started biomedical treatments as of January. My son too has a very persistent cough
With no symptoms. I am hoping this would help. How much magnesium do you give? We give mag, zinc, and calcium in a no taste water soluble solution that he drinks in the am and pm. However, he was also on a multivitamin from Kirkman. Just curious because he started stunning recently and I had to scale back to practically nothing to see where my trigger was....also ... Is your din also on an anti fungal/combo shots, GABA as well? This is tough to figure out even with a DAN! Lol! Any input would be great!

Kate said...

Wanting to try LDN for 2 of my autistic sons. Tanya, can you tell me the brand you use for the no-taste calcium, zinc, magnesium water soluable solution? Magnesium has been very tricky for us to give because of it's taste.