Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"the least shall be the greatest..."

I have decided to copy my journal entry from a few years ago. It is about the verse in the Bible saying how the "least of these shall be the greatest in the kingdom of God". Here is my entry:

I remember as a kid and young adult, that I never liked the verse, "the least shall one day be the greatest." After all, I've always had high abilities and never wanted to one day be at the bottom, especially in heaven. However, after having a son with autism, I have a new perspective on this verse. I would gladly give my spot of greatness up for my son, and others with disabilities. They have to endure so much in life, often with few choices in the matter...yet they make the most of it. I want to one day see my son shine!

I thought about the purpose God has for disabled or special needs individuals. Why put them hear to suffer and be the "least". I was especially reminded of this question when I was told about a young girl without a face. How hard it must be for her! Anyhow, I realized that in these special people, is where we discover God's meaning to life. We see the value, fragility, and beauty he intended us to see....on the inside of the person. While the rest of us are taught valuable lessons in compassion and unconditional love, they are developing their beauty from the inside out. I caught a glimpse at how God must see us and how he must view our purpose. For each of us, disabled or not, our life is a tool to spread God's love. Sometimes we learn the most from those who have no voice, no skills, or even no face. Truly, I look forward to the tables being turned one day. I'd like to give up my spot to my child who has already been scorned and pitied by so many. Thank you Lord for your blessed redemption, that you see and feel every hurt he goes through, and you are counting it as victory for him (and so many others who go through such trials in this life)!

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