Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School Update--September

Hooray for more great days! Just talked to Caleb's teacher yesterday (of his autism class), and she talked how they see him as the "highest in the class". They see what I see...that he's smart! She said, "I see some behaviors, but I don't think they're a big deal". Whereas, our local school district views little behaviors as major problems. Just so happy with this new setup thus far!

Caleb's mood is doing great! We've stumbled upon something that's been working for him. Last time we went to the DAN doctor, he suggested that yeast was most likely still the culprit and that it was something called "biofilm" (where the yeast secretes it's own mucus to protect itself & thus is hard to kill). I researched a bit on biofilm, and the protocol for it. It sounds like first higher doses of Magnesium (such as oxypowder) or Vitamin C to get the kid to have a BM. Then a protease enzyme (such as mucostop) to get rid of the mucous, then a bunch of herbs known to kill yeast. Well...I didn't have all of these things, but I started with vitamin C and magnesium, then added in several proteases (later in the day) , then gave a 2 to 3 cap dose of a yeast herb blend (at bedtime). I did this for about a week. Now, we just maintain with 2 chewable vitamin C, and 2 caps of yeast herbs both in the morning before school. Voila! It works at maintaining his mood. It obviously WAS the yeast after all. It just needed a bit of a different tactic! No more screaming/screeching, and no more bad mood! Hooray!


Luciana said...

Hello Jen, I was reading your posts and boy you are good! We follow the DAN!Protocol with our two sons age 3 and 5 and I am pretty sure you know about this: Kirkman labs just announced a new enzyme to break down the biofilm. And I give my sons MB12 in the nasal spray form and two days after the first dose my older son Liam asked me tto turn on the lights by asking the whole question and not by saying just light. I wanted to try GABA for my kids. that's how I got to your blog. I googled GABA and your post came up. God Bless you and your family.

Jen B said...

Hi Luciana! Thanks for your comment. I know about the enzyme, but didn't know Kirkman was offering it now. So glad that you found success with mb12 too! We have never done the nasal spray, but have watched the shots do great things! They definitely are affecting mood in good ways for us!

Gaba was wonderful for us for quite a long time. Then, one day it just stopped working. That's the way with our kids though. Once you rebalance the body in one area, you move on to the next area. I hope my info on GABA helped you, but if not...feel free to post or email any questions!

May God bless you and your family as you continue down this journey!

Rebecca said...

How often and for how long do you do the protesases?
I have these same problems with my 7 yr. old autistic son (recent yeast outbreak) and we are using the antifungals (coconut oil and turmeric) but anytime he gets any sugar he is having the mood swings and crazy behavior. It seems maybe he has biofilm issues as well.
I want to try this out and see if it works. His school is pressuring me to medicate him again.
Please email me at reb90275@yahoo.com if you can to let me know.