Monday, February 2, 2009

An AWARD for Caleb!

We're SO excited! Caleb got an award for this marking period! He was MOST IMPROVED in his first grade class! We were a little sad that we didn't know anything about him receiving an award so we could attend the awards ceremony. But....nevertheless....we were thrilled at his acomplishment! Here's the picture we took of him at home with his new award :)


Amy in Idaho said...

Very Nice!

I just stumbled across your blog because we're in the midst of a screaming fest here (son, 6 yo, asd) and your post came up on google. After reviewing several of your posts, it's amazing to me how similar our kiddos are.

It gives me comfort in a way that someone else knows exactly how maddening incessant scripting of any Pixar film is or how brain jarring the high-pitched scream is. BUT, it also makes me sad/mad because it means that another family is having to fight this fight.

I'm interested in following your homeopathic journey and I look forward to reading your updates!

Jen B said...

I'm SO glad this blog is helping others! Several people have emailed me privately about screaming issues in their children. As sad an issue of autism wonderful that it can bring people together that would never have met :)

Rest assured...the scripting later becomes used appropriately to expand their vocabulary. Caleb has told me, "Don't cry buddy" which is from a movie, but he used it so appropriately when I was sad. Even the screaming very rarely ever occurs anymore. Really it all got so much better after pulling some meds & supplements, and instead going the homeopathy route. We still have struggles with mood, but homeopathy again helps with that.

When did the screaming start? What have you tried? It looks like our sons are even the same age :)

Amy in Idaho said...

The screaming comes and goes and the mystery is trying to find out why. He was doing great for the last few months and then he got a cold. Once he got over it, the screaming monster returned. In our case, I'm suspecting yeast.

We're doing a multi-supp (ASD Plex), B12, glutathione, enzymes, fish oils, monolaurin, grapefruit seed extract is being added back in and bio-chelate (a less-expensive version of PCA-Rx). We did valtrex/diflucan late last year.

My Son, Spencer, also scripts appropriately lots of times but he still gets into his 'loops'. All in all, I'm very thankful because he's verbal, he's got pretty good receptive language skills and he sleeps through the night (thanks to melatonin). He has absolutely NO social skills with other kids though so we certainly have that as a long term goal.

We have some more anti-viral things to try and then I'll probably put homeopathy at the top of the list. Son had pretty high measles titers so I'd like to reduce that.

What meds/supps did you pull? I've read from others that the same 'maladaptive' behaviors that supps eliminated are the same behaviors that creep back when the supps are too much. It's an exhausting job to say the least!

Jen B said...

Antivirals sound like a must for you since he changed during a virus. Yeast is always a safe guess too whenever things are "out of whack". The only other suggestion I can see right offhand is to pull the asd plex for a few days/a week. Vitamin b6 or certain minerals can cause screaming for my son. It seems like screaming or mood issues now, are always the first sign of imbalance somewhere. You'll learn to know the signs as you find things that both help and worsen symptoms.

I would seriously consider adding in vitamin a in larger doses (not the megadose, but say 30 iu a day). It significantly helps measles issues and also virus issues. If your child has any visual stims at all, it also helps that.

Social skills are a new thing that came in this last round of homeopathy miasm treatment. It seemed to come along with mood improvement & increased awareness. He's not completely normal in that regard, but he now has a few little friends that he likes & who like him in return.

What I like about homeopathy is that it's so natural & easy to give and when it works, it WORKS nearly immediately for my son. It is also MUCH less costly than most other treatment. Also, the gains actually STICK! We work through Rudi Verspoor out of Canada who does phone consults. I think his website is (click on the clinic). He works through clearing the vaccines, traumas, meds first. Then, he attacks the inherited tendencies (miasms) which is often where most people see the big wows. That's were we've seen tremendous growth recently.

I agree with your end statement that what originally helped for a symptom later causes that symptom. However, it's still a guessing game on what is doing what. That's why I try to stick with a handfull of things that are helping, and not get too many supps/meds going at once. For us, we had to pull the yeast meds totally out. Our DAN said according to our last labs, he needed yeast meds majorly. However, I disagreed. The more we put him on the yeast meds, the worse the screaming got. I think the labs can be helpful, but not as much as symptomology. Now, if yeast is bad (like he's giddy or stimming), we just do some culturelle. His body is now able to right itself within a short amount of time (including yeast). As soon as I pulled it all, the screaming stopped and his language took a big jump upwards!

You're right! It is VERY exhausting....but you'll get there! Rely on your gut instinct the most. You know your child the best :)

Homeopath said...

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Jen B said...

I am very interested in homeopathy and will definitely subscribe to your blog! Thanks :)