Monday, November 3, 2008


We just had our annual family bowling day (instead of Halloween....which we don't celebrate). My husband calls it our "Annual Taking Turns Day" which is usually quite difficult for Caleb and our younger twins. This year, however, was a great day...especially for Caleb. He knew what the day was, where we were going, and even waited VERY patiently for his turns. He doesn't quite have the bowling technique down, but he did a great job! He cheered for everyone, and knew when his turn was coming. This one game of bowling lasts SUPER long though as we have to wait for the snail rolls to finally reach the pins :) Instead..Andy (one of our 3 year olds) thought every turn should be his own :) husband's title still stands! Just not for Caleb anymore :)

**As a side note** Keep us in prayer as we continue to tackle the school on having a personal aide for Caleb throughout the day. He just isn't catching all the words the teacher says, and thus needs as aide to assist him with assignments, frustration, etc.

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Rebekah said...

Caleb looks so cute in these pictures! Glad you all had fun. Take care.