Saturday, September 20, 2008

Disillusionment sets in at School

Well, the excitement was short-lived as reality hit us like a brick. Caleb's educators are NOT trained in autism. I have had a phone call nearly every day this last week because he's not doing something right. This after they let him eat whatever he wants at lunch just to avoid a scene. Finally, we had a meeting with the principal & demanded an aide to be next to him. One that travels from year to year to give him security and boundaries. We also demanded TRAINING! It really isn't the teacher's fault as she is being forced to teach 32 children, 1 possible autistic child, and 1 definitely autistic child (Caleb). This, while 1/2 the class rotates to another teacher a few hours a day. It is controlled chaos! However, it isn't Caleb's fault, and he's TOTALLY capable of handling first grade. After all, the days I went and sat next to him, he did everything the other children did! This was surprising to the educators because they just don't understand his capabilities. We shall see what this week brings as a new aide should arise and training, hopefully, will be scheduled.

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Billie said...

Hi Jen,

Would Caleb be better served in a resource class? I know he can do what others his age can do, but with a special class, he'd get #1 a teacher trained and experienced in managing autism and #2 more individual attention. I know he's entitled to his "least restrictive environment" but wonder if they're capable of providing that. Sounds like a serious case of underfunding. That many kids in a kindergarten class is ridiculous! It's actually against the law here.