Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hooray....He's back into the General Ed School!

As of yesterday's IEP, Caleb is back to our home school full time! He has come so far in such a short time! Per his ASD room teacher, "The gap between Caleb and the other autistic students is so wide now that it's no longer appropriate to have him here." Music to my ears........... :)

Also, during the IEP we found that he is right on grade level with reading, is passing all of his AR tests on reading, and actually is ahead of the game in a few concepts for math. He still has gaps in his learning that have to be filled in as he understands more concepts, but truly it's been an amazing day!

Caleb is having more general ed this year, with Gym class (which his Daddy teaches :) and Spanish class. We are also looking at gradually increasing his interaction with the Gen Ed students, and we'll see what happens with that.

For all who read....stick with Biomedical, homeopathy, and of course PRAYER! It works!


JAS said...

Oh really happy to know that, how old is your son? What other intervention have you done? Did you try ABA or anything? How long have you been doing sequential Homeopathy?

My son is 4 and still we are working for words to come out.
Really glad the progress your son made. Hooraaaaaaay

Jen B said...

My son is 8 1/2 now and is in the 3rd grade. We started with the DAN protocol, with the exception of chelating using the Andy Cutler method instead of the DAN method. Then we did classical homeopathy, for which we saw our first bits of language emerge. After we exhausted that a bit, we began sequential homeopathy which has also given us many "wows". We still do this to help his body deal with the normal insults and familial tendencies. In the midst of that were always supplements, LDN, sometimes mb12 shots when needed, the Vitamin A protocol with Virastop, etc. We've never done ABA, but he's always had speech & OT and began with the preprimary impaired program in our county at the age of 3. We've used PECS when communication was difficult. Also, learning to read has really helped develop the finer nuances of language for him. We've done a lot, but God seemed to lead us down the path that we next needed as I'm sure He will continue to do :)

Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement!

Adrian Peirson said...

Webpage on Autism

AnxiousDAD said...

Dear Jen,
I am the father of a 2.5 year old, who is suffering from autism. We have tried homeopathy and DAN with 0 progress. Could you please let me know who you used for sequential homeopathy? I would like to pursue sequential homeopathy for my son. We are also preparing for the andy cuttler protocol. Please email me and let me know "".
Thanks and Regards
Abhi Kumar

Julie said...

Dear Jean,

I read something in a website that has stuck in my mind… it’s this abstract written by a Australian homeopath that I found quite interesting.
She argues that once healing starts to happen with homeopathy, it seems that supplements can be an excess instead of a help. She saw in her practice that when the children regress, by cutting the supplements, they get back on the healing track… which sort of make sense, doesn’t it?
If you think that somehow homeopathy does heal any sort of deficiency, keeping the supplements may be counterproductive.
Reversing autism (part 2)
“Parents should also be warned that side-effects of once-helpful biomedical treatments – even vitamins or minerals – can occur as homÅ“opathy moves their child to better state of health. This aspect has already been commented on in Alex’s story (part one, Case 1) and has been seen on numerous occasions in the author’s practice. If biomedical side-effects are suspected, parents should be asked to suspend the most likely intervention for a period.”
(Alex’s story: Not long after this, Alex’s behaviour and mood deteriorated in spite of Sulphur still being indicated. His mother decided to reduce some of his biomedical supplements and chelating agents. An immediate improvement took place. This is something I have seen in several children on biomedical treatment and something for practitioners to be aware of. It would seem that large doses of once helpful supplements and chemical medicines have an aggravating affect once homeopathy has moved the child to a better state of health. This phenomenon can easily be mistaken as an aggravation from the remedy, or cause the practitioner to think the remedy is no longer suitable.)
This abstract comparing biomedical treatment and homeopathy is very interesting… I’d love to know your opinion.